Social Media Management

Wielding the conversation lever

The buzzword around social media marketing is conversation. Conversation that creates mileage, boosts positive opinion, and nudges people into purchasing. However, with noise coming from all sides, loudness isn’t necessarily the way to go.

Experts agree that managing just one social media profile can take over thirty hours a month. This entails planning updates, producing content, inviting followers, replying to comments, monitoring mentions, marking the campaign’s progress, and evaluating strategies.

It sounds simple at first, but what looks like a collection of daily social tasks can easily bury businesses under the endless demand for conversation. 25thCrowd’s core competency is social efficiency. We’ve got the tools, technical expertise, and experience to manage and maximize conversations.

Our Social Media Management program is designed to:

  • Define goals and performance indicators and set benchmarks to keep track of clients’ social media presence
  • Manage and monitor conversations in order to capture the best position for clients and increase mileage
  • Measure the market’s response to the program in terms of user opinion and consumer behavior
  • Coach clients on sustainable practices for their social media profiles and communities

Make the most of the conversation lever.