Social Media Enabled Websites

Building the social platforms

While social media is at its popular peak, one must consider not only how to drive visitors to a website, but how to create a great user experience for visitors who land there from social sites. This means ensuring that website content gets shared in the social sphere.

25thCrowd’s websites add social media functionality to your site for a more seamless experience for visitors, from your website to social sites and back. Based on the communities matched with the business, 25thCrowd links corporate identity with social presence to build a solid community base.

RSS Feeds empower visitors to opt-in to content that interests them. Because users have a free hand in subscribing and unsubscribing to the feeds, the business is assured of targeted advertising: only people interested in the website content are kept posted.

Like, Recommend, Tweet. Articles, videos, podcasts, slideshows, and the whole spectrum of web content multiply their reach exponentially by being shared via social media bookmarks on your web pages.

Comment Sections. Gain insights into your market by encouraging feedback and open discussion right on your website.

Socially Optimized Content. 25thCrowd’s websites are created specifically for sharing, ensuring maximum content compatibility for Facebook, Twitter, and other popular social sites.

Ready to step up your business’ social presence?